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URL must not be default or example configuration

URL must not be default or example configuration

One or more URLs in the package manifest look like they were provided by default or by example.

To list on Typedescriptor, package maintainers must use real URLs for their project, license, and icon. When this error occurs, it looks like one or more of these have values that look like defaults or examples.

This error could be generated by package configuration similar to this:

<!-- Don't do this: the URL contains an example value -->
<licenseUrl> </licenseUrl>

Notice the use of an example domain name.

Why Typedescriptor checks for it

Some templates in tools like Visual Studio will generate NuGet package configuration that contains example or default values. Package maintainers are meant to update this to their own values before publishing their packages. If a package maintainer hasn’t done this, it could be a sign that the package is low quality or doesn’t have a professional web site yet.

How to fix this problem

  • Use real values and real website addresses. The simplest thing to do is to set these values. It’s common to set them to your GitHub repository home page or GitHub Pages generated site.

  • Avoid host names like or any other reserved names.

  • If you’re creating the package manifest yourself or using the NuGet tools, check that the values for licenseUrl, projectUrl, and iconUrl are realistic.

  • If you’re using MSBuild to generate the package via the pack target, you should investigate the values being used for PackageLicenseUrl, PackageProjectUrl, and PackageIconUrl.