Not enough interest

The project doesn’t have enough stargazers, watchers, forks, or open active issues.

To list on Typedescriptor, a project has to meet some minimum thresholds in the number of stargazers, watchers, forks, and issues, and they have to continue to be met and grow over time. These interest metrics curve with the project age. That is, when a project is relatively new or relatively old, these interest metrics don’t have to change as much, which matches the expectation of a typical adoption curve.

Why Typedescriptor checks for it

In order to find the best projects in the .NET ecosystem, Typedescriptor looks for signs of project popularity. There are several measures which matter in determining how popular a project is:

  1. GitHub stargazers,
  2. watchers/subscribers,
  3. forks,
  4. active issues and pull requests, and
  5. other market and website information

How to fix this problem

This problem is not easy to fix immediately. Even though this problem is usually a blocker, moderators can override it.

Gain popularity by promoting the project on blogs or on Typedescriptor!