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Moderators help keep Typedescriptor up-to-date.

In order to assure high quality on Typedescriptor, we have several rules in place to look for problems with a project. When these problems occur, this normally prevents the project from being listed on Typedescriptor. Sometimes, however, a project is significant or interesting enough that a moderator can use their judgment to skip problems temporarily to unblock the listing.

Moderators can suggest projects

Beta Software Typedescriptor Listings is in beta.

During the beta period, a limited number of projects will be added to Typedescriptor, and Typedescriptor moderators will probably allow more listings to be unblocked when there are problems.

Moderators can suppress problems

When problems occur in a listing, a moderator might suppress them in order to unblock the listing. Reasons why a moderator might suppress:

  • Popularity    The project might be very popular even though it is breaking some of the rules!
  • Feedback from Typedescriptor users
  • Dependency management    Some packages are transitive dependencies of other packages. We generally try to list dependencies
  • Sponsorships
  • During the beta, we’ll allow moderators to suppress more problems than usual to help grow Typedescriptor’s listing base.