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Review this guide for tips about creating a package that works well with Typedescriptor and that can be accepted by the listing process.

General guidelines

  • Only C# projects are eligible to be analyzed fully. Not all of Typedescriptor’s features are supported by Visual Basic and F#.

  • A project must be at least 30 days old for its original listing to be created on Typedescriptor.

  • A project must be updated at least in the last two years. This includes pushing to source and publishing to NuGet.

  • Only English language projects are being considered because this is what our editorial staff and moderation team understand.

Nuspec files

  • Use the MSBuild properties that are used by the pack target. Particularly important are:

    • Description
    • PackageIconUrl
    • PackageLicenseUrl
    • PackageProjectUrl


  • Only GitHub is supported today for linking a package to its source code
  • Use a common file name for your license such as The license must be open source to list on Typedescriptor
  • Prefer setting up the project in a GitHub organization.